Saturday, September 11, 2010

The Pentagon ~ Lost on September Eleventh

The Pentagon Memorial at Arlington National Cemetery
The Pentagon is directly behind the trees.

Pentagon Lost Victims List
Click on underlined names to read tributes
Names in Italics are members of American Airlines Flight 77
Paul W. Ambrose
Petty Officer Melissa Rose Barnes, Navy
Master Sgt. Max J. Beilke, Army, Retired
Yeneneh Betru
Petty Officer Kris Romeo Bishundat, Navy
Carrie R. Blagburn
Mary Jane Booth
Donna M. Bowen
Allen P. Boyle
Bernard C. Brown II
Petty Officer Christopher L. Burford, Navy
Capt. Charles F. Burlingame III, Naval Reserve, Retired
Petty Officer Daniel M. Caballero, Navy
Sgt. Jose O. Calderon-Olmedo, Army
Suzanne M. Calley
Sharon A. Carver
William E. Caswell
Sgt. 1st Class John J. Chada, Army, Retired
Rosa Maria Chapa
David M. Charlebois
Sara M. Clark
Julian T. Cooper
Asia S. Cottom
Lt. Cmdr. Eric A. Cranford, Navy
Ada M. Davis
James D. Debeuneure
Capt. Gerald F. DeConto, Navy
Rodney Dickens
Lt. Col. Jerry D. Dickerson, Army
Eddie A. Dillard
Petty Officer Johnnie Doctor Jr., Navy
Capt. Robert E. Dolan Jr., Navy
Cmdr. William H. Donovan, Navy
Lt. Cmdr. Charles A. Droz III, Navy, Retired
Cmdr. Patrick Dunn, Navy
Petty Officer Edward T. Earhart, Navy
Barbara G. Edwards
Lt. Cmdr. Robert R. Elseth, Naval Reserve
Charles S. Falkenberg
Dana Falkenberg
Zoe Falkenberg
Petty Officer Jamie L. Fallon, Navy
J. Joseph Ferguson
Amelia V. Fields
Gerald P. Fisher
Darlene E. Flagg
Rear Adm. Wilson F. Flagg, Naval Reserve, Retired
Petty Officer Matthew M. Flocco, Navy
Sandra N. Foster
1st Lt. Richard P. Gabriel, Marine Corps, Retired
Capt. Lawrence D. Getzfred, Navy
Cortez Ghee
Brenda C. Gibson
Col. Ronald F. Golinski, Army, Retired
Ian J. Gray
Diane Hale-McKinzy
Stanley R. Hall
Carolyn B. Halmon
Michele M. Heidenberger
Sheila M.S. Hein
Petty Officer Ronald J. Hemenway, Navy
Maj. Wallace Cole Hogan Jr., Army
Staff Sgt. Jimmie I. Holley, Army, Retired
Angela M. Houtz
Brady Kay Howell
Peggie M. Hurt
Lt. Col. Stephen N. Hyland Jr., Army
Sgt. Maj. Lacey B. Ivory, Army
Bryan C. Jack
Steven D. Jacoby
Lt. Col. Dennis M. Johnson, Army
Judith L. Jones
Ann C. Judge
Brenda Kegler
Chandler R. Keller
Yvonne E. Kennedy
Norma Cruz Khan
Karen Ann Kincaid
Lt. Michael S. Lamana, Navy
David W. Laychak
Dong Chul Lee
Jennifer Lewis
Kenneth E. Lewis
Samantha L. Lightbourn-Allen
James T. Lynch Jr.
Terence M. Lynch
Petty Officer Nehamon Lyons IV, Navy
Shelley A. Marshall
Teresa M. Martin
Ada L. Mason-Acker
Lt. Col. Dean E. Mattson, Army
Lt. Gen. Timothy J. Maude, Army
Robert J. Maxwell
Renée A. May
Molly L. McKenzie
Dora Marie Menchaca
Patricia E. Mickley
Gerard P. Moran Jr.
Odessa V. Morris
Petty Officer Brian A. Moss, Navy
Teddington H. Moy
Lt. Cmdr. Patrick J. Murphy, Naval Reserve
Christopher C. Newton
Khang Ngoc Nguyen
Petty Officer Michael A. Noeth, Navy
Barbara K. Olson
Ruben S. Ornedo
Diana B. Padro
Lt. Jonas M. Panik, Naval Reserve
Maj. Clifford L. Patterson Jr., Army
Robert Penninger
Robert R. Ploger III
Zandra F. Ploger
Lt. Darin H. Pontell, Naval Reserve
Scott Powell
Capt. Jack D. Punches, Navy, Retired
Petty Officer Joseph J. Pycior Jr., Navy
Lisa J. Raines
Deborah A. Ramsaur
Rhonda Sue Rasmussen
Petty Officer Marsha D. Ratchford, Navy
Martha M. Reszke
Todd H. Reuben
Cecelia E. (Lawson) Richard
Edward V. Rowenhorst
Judy Rowlett
Sgt. Maj. Robert E. Russell, Army, Retired
Chief Warrant Officer William R. Ruth, Army National Guard
Charles E. Sabin Sr.
Marjorie C. Salamone
John P. Sammartino
Col. David M. Scales, Army
Cmdr. Robert A. Schlegel, Navy
Lt. Col. Michael L. Selves, Army, Retired
Marian H. Serva
Cmdr. Dan F. Shanower, Navy
Antionette M. Sherman
Diane M. Simmons
George W. Simmons
Donald D. Simmons
Cheryle D. Sincock
Petty Officer Gregg H. Smallwood, Navy
Lt. Col. Gary F. Smith, Army, Retired
Mari-Rae Sopper
Robert Speisman
Patricia J. Statz
Edna L. Stephens
Norma Lang Steuerle
Sgt. Maj. Larry L. Strickland, Army
Hilda E. Taylor
Lt. Col. Kip P. Taylor, Army
Leonard E. Taylor
Sandra C. Taylor
Sandra D. Teague
Lt. Col. Karl W. Teepe, Army, Retired
Sgt. Tamara C. Thurman, Army
Lt. Cmdr. Otis V. Tolbert, Navy
Staff Sgt. Willie Q. Troy, Army, Retired
Lt. Cmdr. Ronald J. Vauk, Naval Reserve
Lt. Col. Karen J. Wagner, Army
Meta L. (Fuller) Waller
Spc. Chin Sun Pak Wells, Army
Staff Sgt. Maudlyn A. White, Army
Sandra L. White
Leslie A Whittington
Ernest M. Willcher
Lt. Cmdr. David L. Williams, Navy
Capt. John D. Yamnicky Sr., Navy, Retired
Vicki Yancey
Petty Officer Kevin W. Yokum, Navy
Chief Petty Officer Donald M. Young, Navy
Lisa L. Young
Shuyin Yang
Yuguang Zheng

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Friday, September 10, 2010

Marvin Roger Woods ~ I Remember

Marvin Roger Woods
Retired US Navy, Chief Radio Man and Civilian Pentagon Employee
January 6, 1944 - September 11, 2001 - The Pentagon

Marvin Roger Woods was devoted to the Navy and his country throughout his life.  He retired from the US Navy after 22 years on active duty, took a six week vacation, went back to work for next 18 years as a civilian communications manager for the Navy.  He had been stationed at the Pentagon since the mid-1990's and had an office in the newly renovated section of the building - the section hit by Flight 77.  He is buried in Section 64 in the shadow of the Pentagon with many others who were killed that day.

He liked to hunt and fish and to work in his woodshop behind his home.
He was married to Betty Woods for 30 years.  Woods -- known as "Roger" to friends and family -- grew up in Owendale, Michigan. He served a tour in Vietnam, then met his wife in October 1971 while on leave. Three months later, they were married, and together they went off to his next assignment, in Puerto Rico. Like many military families, Woods, his wife and their three children traveled from city to city, port to port.

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Major Ronald Dutrell Milam ~ I Remember

Major Ronald Dutrell Milam
August 11, 1968 - September 11, 2001 - The Pentagon

Major Ronald Dutrell Milam, son of Tommie and Effie Milam of Muskogee, Oklahoma, husband of Jacqueline Link Milam, who is Captain in the Air Force, and father of daughter Myejoi Olivia Link and his son Ronald Dutrell Milam, Jr, who was born after his death, was killed in the attack on the Pentagon on September 11, 2001. He rests in Section 64 of Arlington National Cemetery, in the shadow of the Pentagon and with those who perished with him that day.

Ronald graduated from Muskogee High School and Eastern New Mexico University. He earned his Bachelors degree and was a member of the Greyhound basketball team. He also participated in ROTC and was commissioned through that program. His alma mater has set up a scholarship in his name.

Later in life, he became passionate about golf. His father told the Washington Post, "He really did love golf. That was his true passion—after his wife, Jacqueline, and daughter, Myejoi. [A son, Ron Jr., was born posthumously.] He came home to Tulsa on leave at one point, and he purchased this custom set of clubs. He just couldn’t put them down. Even when he went on business trips, he’d always have his clubs with him.”

Ronald was the military assistant to one of the deputy assistant secretaries of the Army. A meeting that morning took him to the area of the Pentagon hit by Flight 77.

Jacqueline and Ronald met while on deployment in Korea - she with the Air Force and he with the Army. Their assignments kept them apart, but they stayed in touch and were married January 15, 2000. They had started their family with a daughter, Myejoi, and had just learned that the new baby was going to be a boy - the son who will never meet his father.

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SPC Craig Scott Amundson ~ I Remember

SPC Craig Scott Amundson
United States Army
August 21, 1973 - September 11, 2001 - The Pentagon

Craig is listed second on this side of the Arlington Cemetery Memorial
- near where the Pentagon casualties are buried in Section 64, in the shadow of the Pentagon.

SPC Craig Scott Amundson, United States Army, was killed in the attack on the Pentagon on September 11, 2001.  Craig is buried in Arlington National Cemetery in the shadow of the Pentagon and with the others who gave their lives there.

On a beautiful late summer morning, Scott went to work at his job in the Pentagon.  He was a Graphic Artist assigned to the Army's Office of the Deputy Chief of Staff for Personnel.   Scott said good-bye that morning at his Fort Belvoir, Virginia home to his wife, Amber Flury Amundson and their children, Charlotte and Elliot.

Craig was born in Cedar Rapids, Iowa and raised in Anamosa, Iowa.  He graduated fro Anamosa High School in 1992.  He played on the football team and was active in the film/media department.  He attended the University of Iowa in Iowa City and received his Bachelor in Arts in Film Studies.  He had his own graphics design company called SockoDesign.  He had just joined the Military Career Transition Program at Old Dominion University and had begun work towards becoming an elementary school teacher.

His parents, Orland and Karen Amundson, own a pharmacy in Hartville, Missouri - a town of 700.  Craig designed a web site for Star Pharmacy.  

He came from a close knit family.  His easy smile made him at home in many places.

Craig's Arlington Page is here:

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