Tuesday, August 29, 2006

Video Tribute from Mark Lee's Service and the Protest

Oregon Community Says Goodbye to a Hero video

The Salem-News.com filmed the memorial service for Mark Lee, Navy Seal in Hood River. This is a moving tribute to him.

The news article can be found here.

Kansas Hate Group Drowned Out in Oregon video

The Salem-News.com filmed the Phelps Hate-Group prior to the service for Mark Lee. If you have been curious about them, you can see them at the above link.

While they are disgusting, it is quite moving to see the Patriot Guard Riders, the lone Bagpipe player, and to listen to the love coming from MJ Kesterson. She 'is the mom of Blackhawk helicopter pilot Erik Kesterson who was killed in Mosul, Iraq in 2003. She said it was outrageous that anyone would fail to see the sacrifice her son and Marc Lee had made, “They wore those uniforms with pride. I’m extremely proud of my son for serving his country.”'

The news article can be found here.

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Anonymous said...

Thank you all who support this young man. This story of a team guy gave me hope, and a desire to not give up until my job here on earth is finished.

Thank you Mark! God Bless