Wednesday, August 15, 2007

Vet Helping Vet ~ A Great Fish Story!!!

Story from ifish:

I want to thank 'Kevin's Drift Boat' and 'No Wishin Just Fishin' for making a dream come true. Several weeks ago I was told that my daughter and son-in-law were coming from Mississippi for a visit. My son-in-law asked that I take him fishing while he was here. I am a trout fisherman and this time of year the lakes I fish can be very slow so I did not know what to do for him. Then I remembered seeing the "Take a Soldier Fishing" thread and I figured I would post a request for info since John had recently gotten out of the Marine Corps after serving in Iraq. "Kevins Drift Boat" was quick with a reply and he put me in contact with "No Wishin Just Fishin". That is when the fun started.

The days target was going to be kok's on Merwin but plans changed last minute and we ended up on the Columbia River. We put in around 6:30am an searched for the perfect spot. Lines went into the river and the wishin started. Shortly after 10:00am a rod started to scream. "FISH ON". John was into his very first salmon. Our host was masterful in coaching John in the art of fighting a big fish. When the line came tight the first time the fish peeled of 70 or 80 yards of line on a dead run for the middle of the river. The look on John's face was priceless. Having fished for bass in Mississippi, John quickly realized this was no bass. Each time the fish would show signs of giving up we would tell John it was almost over. Then, the sound of the drag singing. This went on for almost 20 minutes. Then the fish gave up for the last time and the 35 lbs cromer was in the net. John has not stopped smiling since. Bruce, Thanks again for the great day. -'Gillfish3'

My friend, 'Kevin's Drift Boat', sent me this wonderful story!

He says, "I had only a tiny part in this. I matched a 3 tour Vietnam Marine with a young Marine back from Iraq. The good man above provided the rest - a huge Salmon for the young Marine to smile about for a very long time.

"I encourage all soldiers that served in OIF or OEF to take part in this free or very low cost project to get them involved in big game fishing in Oregon. It does good for the soldier and the boat captain lucky enough to have a hero onboard. I hope to see a lot more of this type of happiness."

"This is my boat, I had it built as a tribute to Kevin. His wife has his smaller boat. I specialize in running rivers for Steelhead. No motor, I only row the oars.
Its a real adventure in whitewater, besides the fishing, this part is really fun, bouncing on whitewater waves in a hard flat bottom boat."
- 'Kevin's Drift Boat'

SSG Kevin Davis, Oregon National Guard, was killed in Iraq in 2005. His friends are remembering him by helping others and giving them the gift of fishing.

Previous post about fishing and Kevin:


These fishermen are ready and willing to take any Vets out fishing in Oregon. You can contact them at ifish or or send me an email and I will help you connect with them. These Americans make me proud! Thank you!!!

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