Monday, November 13, 2006

Afghan-Iraqi Freedom Memorial Dedicated

A place to reflect, a place to pay respect to our fallen and our Veterans....

Located in Salem, Oregon, the first memorial in the country to the fallen in Afghanistan and Iraq has been completed, and was dedicated on Veteran's Day. The memorial is the vision of M.J. and Clay Kesterson who lost their son Chief Warrant Officer Erik Kesterson in Iraq.

The memorial has an American soldier, down on one knee with his hand reaching out. At the bottom of the pool is a map of the world. There is a memorial wall which is engraved with the names of Oregon's fallen.

The northwest has been battered by storms, but the clouds parted and sun shone for the dedication. About 400 people came for the ceremony. A Blackhawk helicopter came in close for a fly over - CWO Kesterson was killed in his Blackhawk in Iraq.

To read more about the dedication, see Salem-News.

To see pictures of the construction and the dedication, go here.


Anonymous said...

I'd say that ceremony had some special "oversite" for a very good reason.

Did you get my email?

Flag Gazer said...

I believe it was the divine!