Friday, March 21, 2008

Book Review ~ My Grandfather's Son by Clarence Thomas

My Grandfather's Son
By Clarence Thomas

This memoir by Supreme Court Justice Clarence Thomas is the long awaited story of the life of a most remarkable man. The story of Clarence Thomas is the story of the American dream fulfilled - a young man who barely spoke English rises to one of the most important people in the nation.

His trajectory to importance began with his life lived with his Grandfather, who taught his strict work ethic and value system to Clarence and his brother. Life was not easy, but the stories that Justice Thomas shares speak of family and love and value.

This is an emotional and spiritual journey. Justice Thomas allows us a vision of a life well lived and the trials that go along with it. It also presents a very different view of the confirmation hearings than have ever been heard before.

Best of all, it is written like a magnificent novel - each page alive with the stories of people you would be honored to know.

This is a must read book!


Sarge Charlie said...

such a great man and had to get trashed one more time by the Reverend Wright.

Flag Gazer said...

yes, sarge - I so admire Clarence Thomas and it makes me angry.

Buck said...

I've not read a less-than-glowing review of this book, ever. Gotta add it to the ol' reading list...

Wade Huntsinger said...

I am ordering it today! A great man indeed!