Monday, March 26, 2007

Sgt Nicholas J Lightner ~ Farewell and Walk with God

Sgt Nicholas J Lightner
Farewell, and Walk with God

While on combat patrol in Baghdad, Iraq, an improvised explosive device detonated near the unit of Sgt Nicholas J Lightner. Killed immediately were team members Staff Sgt. Blake M. Harris, 27, of Hampton, Georgia, Staff Sgt. Terry W. Prater, 25, of Speedwell, Tennessee, Sgt. Emerson N. Brand, 29, of Rigby, Idaho and Pfc. James L. Arnold, 21, of Mattawan, Michigan. Sgt. Ryan P. Green, 24, of Woodlands, Texas, died Mar. 18 in Landstuhl, Germany of wounds received in the attack. Sgt Lightner died at Walter Reed Hospital on March 21, 2007 from his wounds.

At Walter Reed, Sgt Lightner learned that he was the sole survivor of his team. He spoke of his regret at not being able to save his team, Chaplain Geoff Bailey told his family. "He told me that he became a medic in order to help people and was frustrated that he was unable to do so after being injured."

Sgt Nicholas "Nick" Lightner was 29 years old. He was from Toledo, Oregon - a small coastal town near Newport. He graduated from Toledo High School where he was a big offensive lineman, but also known for his big heart and compassionate nature. He loved the Oregon outdoors - hunting, fishing, camping and hiking.

"After 9-11, he felt the need to do something and that's what he did. He went for the right reasons," his father said. He joined the Army four years ago and deployed to Iraq in November.

Sgt Lightner served with 1st Battalion, 8th Cavalry Regiment, 2nd Brigade Combat Team, 1st Cavalry Division, Fort Hood, Texas.

He is survived by his father and stepmother, Bill and Sheri Lightner; brothers Joshua and Nathan; three stepbrothers, Justin, Alex and Cory Lake; and his girlfriend Ginger Warfield.

Nick Lightner's family and friends are in our prayers at this difficult time.

Farewell, Sgt Nick Lightner, and Walk with God.

The Patriot Guard Riders will be meeting the family and Sgt Lightner to escort them from the airport to Newport tonight. This ride is about 150 miles and will take over three hours in the dark. Thank you, PGR, for all you do for our fallen and their families.


FreeCyprus said...

May this brother indeed walk with God.

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Sarge Charlie said...

God rest his sole, another Great American.......

Anonymous said...

He clearly spent some time with the Ranger Bn., also. Godspeed.

Unknown said...

Prior to serving his country as a soldier and a medic, Nick served the community of Newport as a firefighter. It was my honor this morning to join firefighters and medics from around Lincoln County to welcome Nick home. The Patriot Guard riders came through the darkness and the rain to lead a lengthy procession to Newport. Thank you all.

We fell in at the rear at Toledo's west junction and experienced this communities' pride in this young man - taken too early.

The stories of Nick's efforts and my memories of his service in Newport will continue to motivate me to do MY best, to help others when they call, knowing that this is what Nick would do.

Bless you and Gods speed buddy.


Unknown said...

The funeral for Sgt Nick Lightner is scheduled for 12 noon, this Friday, the 30th of March. It will be held in Newport, Oregon at Bateman's Funeral Home...and in our hearts.
His life and his sacrifice will not be forgotten.


Angie C. Pinkal said...

I had the pleasure of knowing Nick, he was a great person; very friendly and always polite. My heart goes out to his family, friends, and fellow soldiers who knew and loved Nick. Thank you for your selfless service, Nick!

Anonymous said...

The Lumberjack: We miss you everyday, brother, we haven't forgotten about you..Your quiet, modest strength was an inspiration to us were the toughest SOB I've ever known...and you refused to let that swell your you, the biggest compliment we gave you was that we called you "Bill" and you felt honored to be compared to your father, and any other accolade was could easily crush anyone who failed to walk amongst the righteous, yet you preferred to quietly convince them there was a better way to be. My daughter was 2 going on 3 when you last saw her, and while we were all at your house, engaging in drunken debauchery, you saw that she was the only one of her age at your house, and made sure she was entertained and comfortable...and she still remembers you and kisses the wristband that we who remember you bear, and says "I love you, Bill and Figgy"...I write this close to the 3rd anniversary of your departure, because even many years from now, I will always remember the bleak period of our lives when you, our inspiration and role model, were rudely taken from us...I'll see you on the other side, brother...WE LOVE YOU, BILL!