Monday, April 16, 2007

Book Review ~ On Call in Hell

On Call in Hell

CDR Richard Jadick
This book about the Second Battle of Fallujah and the Doctor and Corpsmen on the front lines who tended the wounded is one of the most intense reads I have had in some time.

Lt CDM Richard Jadick volunteered to accompany the 1/8 Marines on their Iraq Tour in 2004. When the Second Battle of Fallujah began, Jadick decided to take his emergency room to the battle, rather than waiting for the wounded to come to the hospital in the rear. He set up a Forward Aid Station - FAS - that became a make-shift operating room.

In this book, after his auto-biographical history, Jadick takes you into the heart of the battle. He takes you into the personalities and spirits of the Corpsmen and National Guard ambulance drivers who worked with him and the wounded Marines and Soldiers he treated and lost.

Lt CDM Jadick was awarded the Bronze Star with a V for Valor for his work. He considers it a group award and credits his Corpsmen and others with the successes they had. His citation credits him with saving 30 men who would not have survived the trip back to the base hospital.

This book may be as close as many of us ever get to combat. It was an experience of many emotions - fear, terror, intensity, sorrow and joy. It is all too human. And, it is a great read, though you will need tissue in certain parts.

To see CDR Jadick on Jon Stewart -
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The medical staff of the Second Battle of Fallujah deserves to be mentioned by name for their heroic actions. I am proud to live in a country that produces fine young men like these. Their actions were heroic.

II Marine Expeditionary Force (II MEF)
First Battalion, Eighth Marines (1/8)
1/8 Infantry Battalion Medical Personnel

Headquarters and Service Company (HSS)
Battalion Surgeon, Lt Cmdr, Richard H Jadick
Assitant Battalion Surgeon, Lt Carlos C Kennedy
HMC Russell W Folley
HM1 Richard E Lees
HM1 Bryan P Zimmerman
HM2 Shawn J Johns
HM2 Steve Meszaros
HM3 Jobraith Burn
HM3 Martin Graves
HM3 Clifton H Hinds
HM3 Ryan D Hirkala
HM3 David Lester
HM3 David McArdle
HM3 Jason M Smith
HN Uriel Garcia
HN Raymond Masino
HN Roger D Millhouse
HN Ricky J Peterson
HN John Paul Rosales
HN Collin Steadman
HN Justin Troyano
HA Ernesto Argueta
HA Daniel S Avila

Alpha Company ~ Avenger
HM3 Casey T Moody
HM3 Reinaldo Aponte, Jr
HM3 Manuel G Cortez
HM3 Duncan Fraser
HM3 Ryan Turner
HN Jorda Hotlschulte
HN Julian C Mask

Bravo Company ~ Beowulf
HM3 Kevin M Markley
HM3 Jeff M Gregus
HM3 Milton L Jones
HM3 Lucas Q Jushinski
HM3 Luis E RuizPopo
HN Rex A Goodman
HN Joel Lambotte

Charlie Company ~ Cajun
HM3 Aaron Pines
HM3 Raul M Cervantes
HM3 Anthony Lopez
HM3 Michael C Martinez
HM3 David Nadermann
HN Luis Lopez
HN Ether Maldonado
HN Randall McLain
HN Barry L Womack

Weapons Company ~ Wolverine
HM3 Thomas J Stahura
HM2 Justin B Sutton
HM3 Christian Rueda
HN Joel E Dupuis
HN Joseph Maston
HN Kouji Touya

HMC - Chief Hospital Corpsman
HM1 - Hospital Corpsman First Class
HM2 - Hospital Corpsman Second Class
HM3 - Hospital Corpsman Third Class
HN - Hospitalman
HA - Hospitalman Apprentice

The Corpsmen and Doctors on the ground with the Marine Corps are in the Navy.


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