Thursday, May 17, 2007

Photographer with the 10th Mountain Division in Afghanistan

Chad Hunt Photographs
10th Mountain Division

For this soldier's story, go here.

Chad Hunt, photographer, had the opportunity to go to Afghanistan. He spent time with a light infantry unit from the 10th Mountain Division from Fort Drum. While he was there he blogged and posted pictures of his journey with these fine young men and women - read back into November.

His pictures are beautiful - they take you into a brief window on the existence of being at a remote outpost - KOP - Korengal Outpost in Korengal Valley. His pictures of the countryside, the soldiers and the living conditions are a priceless view into their lives. I don't have the words to describe his work, except follow the links and look at it. It is worth your time.

Blog -
Afghanistan Pictures - and
Fire Fight -

For those of you in the New York area, Chad has two shows coming up:

Kingston Museum of Contemporary Arts
One man show
Saturday June 2nd, 5pm – 7pm opening reception
Show will hang through July 2nd
PHOTOGRAPHY NOW – group EXHIBITION (8 images on display)
Juried by Alison D. Nordström, Curator of Photography, George Eastman House
Saturday June 9, 2007 from 5-7 pm, opening reception
Show will hang through August 18, 2007.
59 Tinker Street, Woodstock NY 12498

Chad, graciously gave me permission to post these pictures from his collection.


Anonymous said...

Thank you for taking teh time to write about my work. I am doing my best to get these images out there for people to see. I also have images from teh korengal outpost here:
A good friend of mine, photographer John D McHugh ( ) was just wounded two days ago while on patrol with a unit near Kamdesh. The bullet hit him just below his body armor in his stomach and exited through his back. He is recovering at Bagram now and will be ok.
check out his blog for some of his stories.
thanks again - chad

Sarge Charlie said...

What a great set of photos, the young lady at the bottom is sooooooooooo young, just a kid, we love them.

Douglas V. Gibbs said...

As much as we try, we don't understand the sacrifice our brave men and women are making for our freedom. This pics bring us a little closer to that understanding. My prayers are with them. Thanks for the beautiful photographs.

Anonymous said...

thanks for you pictures...our son just deployed with the 10th Mtn Div and we are grateful to be able to get a glimpse of where he is.