Friday, January 11, 2008

Snow in Baghdad ~ !!!!!

JANUARY 11, 2009
Snow in Baghdad

1909 - Snow in Baghdad
Sir W Willcocks
Royal Geographic Society

Found a video of the snow fall, but couldn't get it to post

Big, thick, wet flakes of snow fell on Baghdad today. It melted on contact. But, it still brought joy to those who were seeing snow for the first time! Some saw it as an omen of joy and peace. Anyone who can remember the first snow fall they witnessed will understand how they felt!!!

Snow is not unusual in Iraq - the northern areas have severe winters. The first year of the war, I received a picture from one of our kids in Mosul titled "It Does Snow in Hell". But, Baghdad is not in the region that gets snow. The last recorded snow was 100 years ago.

And, since I can't let the obvious go by - nice global warming!


American Interests said...


Flag Gazer said...

I couldn't resist either!

Buck said...

And, since I can't let the obvious go by - nice global warming!

Great quip, Cynthia!

Mike's America said...

It was a small miracle for Bahgdadis today. But a strong sign from above that things really are different now.

Nothing like a blanket of pure white snow to give the Iraqi people renewed hope in this new year.

Snooper said...

Global Warming ROCKS! All HAIL to the Goracle!!

Mike said...

damn, now all the rich people are going to want to vacation there...

Donald Douglas said...

It's a gift of freedom with a future. White January in Baghdad - can't beat that.