Thursday, August 14, 2008

Tribute to a Coalition Partner ~ Georgia


Maj. Nino Chkhenkeli, a physician with the 1st Georgian Infantry Brigade, gives food to a woman she treated in His Ais Asomar Feb. 26. Fifty residents, mostly women, received medical care.

A Georgian Soldier watches with a boy as other children leave the site where Georgian Soldiers of the 1st Georgian Brigade distributed food and other supplies in Hwar village, June 9. The Soldiers were a part of the Brigade's Civil Military Cooperation company, tasked with maintaining good relations between civilians and coalition military personnel. "We supply people with food and medicine and hear their problems," said Cpt. Zaur Makaradze, company commander. "Our main mission is to help people."
(U.S. Army photo/Sgt. Daniel T. West)

A boy from Hwar village receives supplies from Cpl. Iago Tedeachvei of the 1st Georgian Brigade. Soldiers of the brigade's civil military cooperation company distributed food and other supplies, June 9.
(U.S. Army photo/Sgt. Daniel T. West)

Second Sergeant Romeo Sharia and Cpl. Georgi Khidesheli demonstrate emplacing a mortar during a class, July 7, on Forward Operating Base Delta.

Georgian forces have been serving as part of the Coalition in Iraq since August of 2003.

They have done training, guarded borders and provided humanitarian assistance.

They have proved to be more than competent and efficient in all of their efforts.

They have sacrificed for the mission in Iraq. Please read the tribute to their fallen HERE.

Georgia has been under attack from Russia.

The above map shows the locations of the attacks.

To see a currently updated map, go here -

American forces have releived the Georgian forces in Iraq and returned them to Georgia.

American humanitarian aid is being delivered to the Georgian people by the US military.

Amazing that a new country has reached out to help the Iraqis gain their freedom when the Georgian freedom is so young and so tenuous.

My thoughts and prayers are with the Georgians at this time of invasion from Russia.

We can not thank them enough and we need to stand with them now.

Update: Does anyone else get joy out of the Beach Volleyball Team from Georgia defeating the Russian Team??


Sarge Charlie said...

I fear that this is the first domino to fall, while the world watches.

Flag Gazer said...

Didn't we watch this when we were younger? This is frightening.

Buck said...

Yeah... so much for the "New Russia," eh? Same ol' imperialists... but in in nu shooz.

The horrible thing? There's not much, if anything, we can do.

And yeah, I remember all too well when the tanks rolled into Budapest and Prague. Sad then, sad now.

Louis said...

As John McCain said ... "In the 21st Century, Nations do not invade other Nations..."

Cop the Truth said...

Boy, those Georgians really know how to back up an ally. We, on the other hand....