Monday, September 08, 2008

Oregon National Guard Deploys to Aid Americans

The Oregon Army National Guard will send two CH-47 helicopters and nine personnel to the Southeastern United States to position the airframes for possible support of hurricane relief efforts.

The helicopters and crews will mobilize under the Emergency Management Assistance Compact which allows for the sharing of National Guard resources among the states when a disaster or crisis occurs.

They departed Pendleton and go to Hunter Army Air Field near Savannah, Ga. on Sunday to prepare for the arrival and aftermath of Hurricane Ike.

The CH-47 is a versatile airframe capable of carrying dozens of people, nearly 10 tons of internal cargo, or 13 tons of external cargo in a sling load. The CH-47 may be used for search and rescue operations as well.

For more information, see the official Army CH-47 Fact File:


Sarge Charlie said...

I wonder where the demonstrators are, we know they do not like the guard.

MDConservative said...

God Bless the NG, they are often forgotten or off to the side. They are on the front lines abroad and on the front lines here.

Good question...where are the people who despise the NG?