Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Operation Urgent Fury ~ 25 Years Ago

Operation Urgent Fury

October 25, 1983

Twenty five years ago, the United States invaded the island of Grenada to remove the illegal government that had deposed and executed the elected Governor. The United States and a coalition of the Organization of Eastern Caribbean States battled the forces from Grenada and Cuba. On December 15, the island was returned to her people.

The invasion came just two days after the Beirut Bombings.

U.S. forces suffered 19 fatalities and 116 injuries. Grenada suffered 45 military and at least 24 civilian deaths, along with 358 soldiers wounded. Cuba had 24 killed in action, with 59 wounded and 638 taken prisoner.

Once again, when called, the United States Military performed admirably and heroically. The video pays tribute to each of them.


Harley D 01 said...

Thank You Flag for remembering this. Too many of us forget the past sacrifices and those that sacrificed for us.

Cop the Truth said...

Excellent troops and good times. As always, continuing the tradition of honor, courage and sacrifice.