Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Farewell & Thank You, Mr. Bush

Farewell & Thank You

President & Mrs. Bush
Vice-President & Mrs. Cheney

We are saying good-bye to these amazing people.
They have worked hard to do what they were elected to do.
They have provided leadership. They have kept us safe.
They have honored those who serve and sacrifice.
They have cared deeply about our country and about each of us.

I am proud to have voted for them twice.
I will miss them deeply.
I send my gratitude and my prayers.

Grace and Class have left Washington.


Anonymous said...

I agree with you. God bless the Bush's they will be missed very much. My heart is saddened today as this wonderful caring man leaves the White House. I wish him the very best life has to offer.

Felix in NJ said...

Flag kudos to your post! I didn't pray for the future of the country the past 2 inaugurations. Today I did.

Sarge Charlie said...

I do not need to tell you how I feel, President Bush kept my family alive for the past 7 years, his wife is the best first lady in my lifetime, just ahead of her mother in law, Dick Cheney was a great VP, and I love his wife. Now let me go back into depression.

Anonymous said...

I will miss the strength that I gained just knowing that President Bush and VP Cheney were watching out for our safety. They were gracious despite the mania in in the press and in the individuals who sought vengeance for their anger at the world.

Buck said...

Well said, Cynthia. And you KNOW where I stand on this subject.

Anonymous said...

I totally agree with you.Pres. Bush stood by his decisions and put the American people first.He didn't make decisions according to polls or what would make him popular. He didn't flip flop.
With a son serving another tour in Iraq, I am deeply saddened to see him go.
Laura Bush was a lady of class, elegance and caring.
Both made me feel as if I could meet them for coffee and have a chat as I would with anyone.
We will miss him terribly and I cannot wait to read his book after it is written.

justdori2005 said...

I agree 100%. Thank you Mr Bush for keeping us safe, for always believing our safety was more important than the latest popularity poll. Job well done!!
You will be missed.
A blog I wrote "Thank you Mr. Bush." If interested.....
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