Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Face of Freedom ~ Air Force Officer/Teacher in Afghanistan

Deployed Teacher

As an avid reader/writer/lover of Milblogs, I am always on the lookout for new ones.

I have just discovered this blog from an Air Force Officer in Afghanistan.
Deployed with the National Guard, he writes a series of observations on his experiences.
In his home life he is a teacher, a special ed teacher,
and at the end of each post he gives recommended study questions.
While these are wonderful for the classroom, they are thought provoking for the rest of us.

I took the time to start at the beginning and read through it - well worth the time!

Stop by, leave a comment, and put it on your reading list!

From the site:

I created the blog deployedteacher.com as a kind of diary, to share my thoughts with you while deployed. I am hoping to offer observations and insights that might pique your interest, or a student’s interest. No pat answers here, that would be easy. I hope to propose questions I think will entice you to learn more about the subjects presented.

If you are looking for a political slant, I certainly have my opinions and they will surface at times. I want this site to be informative; to give you some of what you might not see elsewhere. Hope you enjoy, thanks for visiting, now read on....

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Douglas V. Gibbs said...

Thanks, Oregon, as always, you have your finger on the pulse of the best milblogs has to offer.