Wednesday, May 13, 2009

An Incomprehensible Loss~~~~

Navy Commander Charles "Keith" Springle
Wilmington, North Carolina
Augmentee to the 55th Medical Company

Maj. Matthew P. Houseal
Amarillo, Texas
55th Medical Company, Indianapolis, Indiana

SGT Christian E Bueno-Galdos
Paterson, New Jersey

3rd Battalion, 66th Armor Regiment, 172nd Infantry Brigade

Grafenwoehr, Germany

SPC Jacob D Barton
Lenox, Missouri
277th Engineer Company, 420th Engineer Brigade
Waco, Texas

PFC Michael E Yates, Jr
of Federalsburg, Maryland

3rd Battalion, 66th Armor Regiment, 172nd Infantry Brigade,
Grafenwoehr, Germany.

A tragic shooting in Iraq by an American Soldier has taken the lives of five Americans.
These are their faces. Two doctors who volunteered to be there to help with stress problems.
Three soldiers who got in the way of the rage of a fellow soldier.

Any loss is tragic, but the pain and questions that come with being killed by a member of your own team are not easy to face.

Our thoughts and prayers are with these five men and their units and families and friends at this most difficult time.


Kanani said...

The irony is that this was the group trying to help others with stress. I can't imagine the horror of that moment, to go to a zone of comfort and end up with this mayhem.

It hit deep, and I wondered if some of our other doctor friends were there that day.

Necromancer said...

Thank You for posting this. I've been busy this week fooling with the computer and ordering new toys and mowing the lawn that there hasn't been enough time to see everything.In fact the new toys arrived this morning and still need to be set-up.

I refuse to watch the MSM and consider the tv as an entertainment tool and not to watch and listen to talking heads.

Buck said...

"Incomprehensible" is THE word. My understanding doesn't cope in this sort of event. Sad, sad, sad.