Sunday, August 02, 2009

Captain Michael 'Scott' Speicher ~ Home, At Last

Captain Michael 'Scott' Speicher
July 12, 1957 - January 17, 1991

The current headstone at Arlington National Cemetery

Today, we awakened to the news that the remains of Navy Captain Michael 'Scott' Speicher have been found and identified. Cpt Speicher's F-18 was shot down in Iraq on the opening day of the Gulf War. At long last, some Iraqi's came forward with information about his burial site, where he was buried by the Bedouins. Scott has been the face of POW/MIA's since 1991. His family has been able to keep the media focused on his MIA status. Today, they can grieve, they can bury their husband and father, they have an answer.

Since 2003, rarely a week goes by that I don't address a letter to FOB Speicher, and more recently, COB Speicher, a base in Tikrit, Iraq. I have thought of him and his family each time I do and hoped for a resolution for them and for his friends and shipmates.

Most everyone is posting on this - there is not a lack of information about his loss, his legacy, the conspiracy theories, the memories - so, let us not forget the man and his family today.

Welcome Home, Captain Michael Scott Speicher. You have not been forgotten.

Tributes at Asymmetric here and here for a Google earth picture of FOB Speicher.
Extensive compilation of news reports over the years at Arlington Cemetery. net

Captain Speicher received regular promotions during his years MIA - when he disappeared, he was a LtCommander, promotions continued during his MIA status.


Gunslinger said...

When I was at Speicher, I wrote a brief story about why it was called Speicher, and who he was. As always, it is tragic to lose an American servicemember, but liberating to have him home and some resolution for his family.

Marti T Mailliard said...

Welcome Home Michael Scott Speicher, may you finally be able to rest in peace.. May your family and friends finally be able to find that closure that has eluded them the past 18 long and grueling years... May God Bless!!!!