Sunday, January 29, 2012

Farewell, Sarge Charlie....

Sarge Charlie
Saigon - 1968

Sarge Charlie

Farewell, Sarge Charlie
When I first started blogging all those years ago, one of my first blogger friends was Sarge Charlie.  All of these years, I visited his blog - I laughed, I smiled, I even cried once in a while.  I loved so many things about "the Old Sarge"... none less than the love he had for his wonderful wife, Miss Bee, and his family.  Sarge had a way of sharing his personal stories that made you feel you were part of the family.  In some way, he touched the inner spirit of us all.  He left a blog full of stories and pictures that his grandchildren and great-grandchildren will have for years to come - the only way they won't know Sarge is if they choose not to.  
Sarge loved his time with the Army - the good and the bad of it, but mostly the America of it.  No one could ever doubt Sarge's love of country.  But, he also had a gift of reaching out to others.  When my friend was killed in Iraq, no one comforted me more than Sarge.  When a young woman lost her fiance in Iraq, it was Sarge who reached out to her - who introduced us all.  She is a friend today.

I have so many friends because of Sarge Charlie.  People I probably would never have met.  People who add so much to my life.  One of whom is one of the closest friends I have.  We got to know one another at the party that was Sarge Charlie's!
Sarge loved his politics.  Whether you agreed with him or not, there was never any doubt that he had thought it out and hecould defend his position.  He was always open to disagreement, but resistant to disagreeable at all times.

Keeping with who he was, Sarge wrote his own epitaph.  "If you are reading this, I have finished the race."  You can read his last words here:  Sarge's last words  -  I advise that you take Kleenex.

Sarge asked that we send his beloved Miss Bee hugs -- I have sent her virtual hugs and will everyday.  But, I think we should also hug those around us - and, hug those we care about today, even if those hugs are virtual.

Charles Cordle, I thank you for the gift of love and friendship that you brought into my life.  You were one hellofaguy!  I miss you already.


Kanani said...

He certainly laid the framework for an incredible online community --many of whom met and went on cruises with them. What a great man, and more generous than any of us will ever know.

Charles M. Grist: said...

Well said, Flag Gazer. One of the reasons your blog is so famous. Never checked out Charlie's blog - regret not knowing about it. He and I were brothers-in-arms and fellow retirees who were blessed to find their soul mates in life. Lot of wisdom from Sarge Charlie. Hope we get the chance to exchange memories when we both walk on Fiddler's Green...

Coffeypot said...

Great eulogy, FG. I will miss him,too. But I have to wonder, with his and Miss Bee's love of cruises, that maybe he should have been Navy instead of Army.

The Reckmonster said...

So sad to hear the news about Sarge Charlie! I enjoyed his blog. Rest in peace, Sarge.

Barb and TheDailyGs said...

A lovely farewell to such a dear, sweet man. I loved him and I will miss him. I will forever be grateful to have known him.