Monday, August 14, 2006

Mount Soledad

The Mount Soledad Veteran's Memorial sits on a mountain above San Diego County. The Cross was erected and dedicated April 18, 1954 as a Korean War Veteran's Memorial. It has matured into a beautiful Veteran's Memorial where any Veteran can be honored.

Unfortunately, it has been under attack for over seventeen years - don't want that cross where people can see it, calling it unconstitutional! Finally, the House of Representatives and the Senate have voted to approve "a plan to transfer the land beneath the Mount Soledad war memorial to federal control in an effort to avoid a court-ordered removal of the cross that stands there. The legislation would preserve the 29-foot-tall cross on Mount Soledad by vesting title to the memorial in the federal government and having the Secretary of Defense administer it. The Department of Defense would manage the monument. The Mount Soledad Memorial Association, a private group that built the current cross in 1954 to honor Korean War veterans, would continue to maintain the site." Today, President Bush will sign the transfer order.

I am delighted to see the Cross and the Memorial win this part of the legal war. I believe the legal law suits will continue, as there are those who want to eradicate religion and the military from our society - thus, eradicating our country as we know it. As a student of history, I know how much we can learn much about a society by how it honors its heroes and respects faith.

For more information about this chapter in the history, see the article I quoted above.

For more information about the Memorial, go to the Mount Soledad Veteran's Memorial Association.

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