Wednesday, August 23, 2006

They Have Names....

I get angry each time I see numbers listed for our fallen heroes ...THEY HAVE NAMES! They have families, friends and communities who grieve and honor them. They had lives that were full of honor and respect for our country. Our debt to them is immeasurable. We must always call out their names to God, pray for His blessings of healing for their families and friends, whisper "Thank You" for what they have given for us.

Our community has had a difficult summer.

First, we lost PVT Thomas Tucker.

Now, we have lost LCpl Randy Newman.

Through the Operation Enduring Freedom and Operation Iraqi Freedom, our community has also lost two civilians in service to our country: Deborah Klecker and Loren Hammer.

We are a small community.
We value and honor the lives that have been sacrificed for our safety and security.
I will always honor them here.

Update - Please read CJ's comment. When his site is ready, I will post about it here. If you would like to donate to this wonderful effort to make sure that everyone knows the names, please go to A Soldiers Perspective and there is a donate button.


CJ said...

Gazer, this is one of the reasons why I'm creating the They Have Names site. Right now the site is going through technical testing to make sure that everything works before going online. The site will be located at and tell the stories of all soldiers who have lost their lives from their family's and friend's perspectives. If any of your readers want to donate to getting this thing kicked off, there is a link on my site, A Soldier's Perspective.

MasterGunner said...

I am glad that word is getting out and people are starting to realize that to the Anti-War Left, our Fallen are just a odometer reading.