Thursday, September 14, 2006

Book Review - Iraq: Providing Hope

I stumbled upon this book recently and was delighted when I read it. It is a compilation of 54 people who were in Iraq as soldiers, contractors or from the Iraqis themselves. It presents a view of our efforts in Iraq quite differently than anything you have ever seen in the Media. These are the stories that make the history real.

From the website:

"This is not about the generals, journalists or politicians. This is about the everyday Soldiers, Sailors, Marines, governent employees, aid workers and Iraqis. Seen through their eyes, here are their stories of fear, courage, bravery, anxiety and, most of all, hope. Our soldiers, sailors, airmen and marines have been bravely combating danger, living in miserable conditions and doing a great job. The bottom line is that we, as a nation, have freed twenty-five million people from a murderous dictator and have embarked on a plan to provide them a new beginning with a new constitution that protects human rights and provides hope."

Book Excerpts:

“There is no kind of job satisfaction then when a child hands you a bundle of flowers and thanks you freeing his country. Nothing I have done in my life outside of the Army can compare to having that kind of impact on someone’s life. Not politics and not business. So, I guess it is worth the sacrifice and pain." -Fred Wellman

“Although I was not surprised, I was humbled by the fact that a man with no right hand drove standard better than I could. I had learned early on during my time in Iraq that its people are intelligent and resourceful. I saw the evening’s events as another step toward progress in Iraq, a blending of resources and talents to accomplish a common goal. But more importantly, I saw an Iraqi, overcoming the scars left by years of tyranny, taking the driver’s seat toward his own destiny." -Anne Trenolene

Reading this book was a wonderful ride of all of the emotions. The realities of Iraq became more real for me than any other source has done. I highly recommend this book for anyone interested in what is happening in Iraq.

You can purchase the book at the Iraq Providing Hope website. Profits from the book go to TAPS - Tragedy Assistance Program for Survivors.

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