Monday, September 25, 2006

Sparing with the Moonbats!!!

We spent the weekend at a festival. As a fiber artist, these festivals are my link to business, where I sell my creations. I always enjoy and dread them, though. The vendors are made up of three groups - those who create, those who create badly and those who make money off of others creations. The latter are loud and aggressive and represent those who feel too fragile to put their face on their products - what a shame. In both groups are those who like to masquerade like enlightened pacifists, but are aggressive and hostile in their demeanor. Fortunately, most customers are oblivious to any of the dynamics.

What I have seen seeping into the festivals of the last several years is something I hate to see, and that is politics. Five years ago, hardly a person walked through without wearing an American Flag t-shirt, pin, hat... how quickly we forget. I have heard the political nonsense seeping in for the past several years, but this year, it was inappropriately evident with bumper stickers and pins like "Knit Gloves, Make Peace" and "Spinners for World Peace." I didn't say they made any sense.

During set-up, it is not unusual to see the true faces of people that you are located near. Some go out of their way to make a point - never terribly deep nor well thought out. While I was setting up, another vendor came over and the following occurred:
Vendor: "I want to see your new designs."
Me: "I only have a couple this year."
Vendor: "Aren't you designing anymore?"
Me: "Of course. But, I've been busy with my charity knitting. You know, we all have a gift from God, and I think we have a responsibility to give back with it when we can."
Vendor: "Oh, what are you knitting for charity?"
Me: "I make hand and foot warmers for the wounded soldiers in transit. I also knit a lot of comfort blankets for the hospitals."
Vendor: "That's a shame."
Me: (puzzled look)
Vendor: "Don't you think?"
Me: (still puzzled) "I don't know what you are talking about."
Vendor: "THE WAR"
Me: (now being bratty!) "Which War?"
Vendor: "The Iraq War"
Me: "What about Afghanistan?"
Vendor: (now puzzled)
Me: "What about the Horn of Africa? What about Kosovo? What about the Philippines? What about...
Vendor: "This is about Iraq!"
Me: "What is?"
Vendor: "THE WAR"
Me: "Which War?"

Okay, so it became a little like an Abbott and Costello skit. I couldn't resist. Fortunately, we were interrupted by someone else walking up who said, "What's going on?" The Vendor says, "We have a difference of opinion on THE WAR." I said, "I haven't given any opinions on any war, I don't even know which war she is talking about."

It was stupid and a waste of time, but I never did tell her my opinions or discuss them with her. Later, she handed me one of those stupid pins to wear. You know what happened to it.

Home now - safely back in my cocoon of sanity!

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