Monday, October 23, 2006

The Bombing of the US Embassy, Lebanon

"Our war on terrorism began on 9/11, but the terrorists was on the United States began a long time ago." - Patrick Hayes

The US Embassy in Lebanon was bombed by Hezbollah terrorists on April 18, 1983 killing 18 Americans and, again, on September 20, 1984 killing 2 soldiers.

When I listened to people siding with Hezbollah against Israel in the recent war, I couldn't understand how any American could side with a group who bombed our Embassy and killed our citizens. I can only imagine the profound heartache that spills upon the families of the fallen when fellow citizens do this. Why? Are they so profoundly ignorant of our history? Are they so profoundly in favor of losing all that we hold dear? Do they have a clue what will become of their lives if these vile people win?

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