Friday, August 03, 2007

Frauds and Liars....

Reggie Buddle in tan uniform after leading prayer
at the opening of the Washington State Senae.

Meet Reggie Buddle....

Reggie posed as a decorated Captain in the Marine Corps. He wore the uniform and medals. He posed as a Chaplain and performed weddings, baptisms and funerals of servicement. He even led the opening prayer at the Washington State Senate on February 27, 2006. He even has a Live Space

The problem - Reggie was never in the Marine Corps. The medals belonged to his late brother who served in Vietnam. He purchased the uniform at a surplus store. And, he was never ordained as a minister.

Reggie's days as a fraud and a liar are over. He admitted in court this week that he was a fake. US Magistrate Kelly Armold in the US District Court in Tacoma, Washington, sentenced the counterfeit vet to two years' probation and 500 hours laboring at Tahoma Natonal Cemetery. He will now serve those who rest at the military cemetery, but must avoid any interaction with families and visitors at the cemetery.

Last year, a Whitefish, Montana man, William Horvath claimed he was a Marine. His actions didn't rise to the creativity of Reggie, but he was sentenced harshly as well. He had to write letters of apology to the commandant of the Marine Corps, Veterans of Foreign Wars and the American Legion in Kalispell - he had to admit in writing that he lied repeatedly about serving and being wounded. Additionally, he had to spend 50 hours in front of the US courthouse in Missoula, during business hours, wearing a sandwich board reading:


"Falsely claiming medals is stealing valor from those who put themselves in harm's way protecting this great country," said Douglas Carver, special agent in charge of the Inspector General's Office of the Department of Veteran Affairs who helped prosecute Reggie. "We must continue to recognize our veterans for the true and actual sacrifices they have made and to publicly condemn those who tarnish that service by stealing their valor."

They were caught in this life, but I dare say, they will find a special place in hell....

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Ron Simpson said...

I am not often visited with this kind of anger and disgust. These @@##@%# people needed to be punished more. I like the humiliation aspect, but it ain't enough by far.