Saturday, August 18, 2007

Words Have Meaning.... Multilateral

Throughout the debate on the Great War on Terror, the words unilateral and multilateral have been thrown around carelesly and repeated far too often, and they have been misused.

UNILATERAL - done or undertaken by one party or country

MULTILATERAL - involving several parties or countries

Regardless of your political stance, the word MULTILATERAL is the correct definition of the coalition that is fighting the Great War on Terror. 290 members of the coalition countries have lost their lives in Iraq and 226 in Afghanistan. I defy you to look at their families and tell them that their sons or daughters were not contributing to the fight against the War on Terror when they lost their lives.

This is the beginning of a series on the MULTILATERAL forces who are serving alongside the American forces. Thank you, all.

Albania - here
Armenia - here
Australia - here and here
Azerbaijan - here
Belgium - here
Bulgaria - here
Bosnia and Herzegovina - here
Canada - here
Germany - here
Great Britian- here
Japan - here
Korea - here
Italy - here
Poland - here and here and here

If the links do not work, click on the labels on the left at the bottom of the page.

Updated 8.18.07


Mike's America said...

I get confused.

We're not supposed to act "unilaterally" in the war on terror.

But we are supposed to act "unilaterally" against North Korea?

Flag Gazer said...

Not to mention - Iran and Syria
Confuses me, too!

Fight The Good Fight! said...
Don't know if you knew this one, it is the website of the Multinational forces in Iraq.


Bigfoot said...

Speaking of being confused:

In the invasion of Iraq, the U.S. was joined by about 30 other countries, yet some have called the war "unilateral", but in the bombing of Serbia, the U.S. was joined by only one other country (the U.K.), but to my recollection, the word "unilateral" was nowhere to be heard.

De'on Miller said...

Well, I didn't think I was confused until I read the comments! Guess I haven't paid attention to what you're speaking of, but I do look forward to the series! Great idea!

Flag Gazer said...

De'on ~ The media and the Dems keep calling this war 'unilateral' - I was particularly annoyed by it last fall! I advance this post with each country I do, so people can read about the other countries.

Donald Douglas said...

Nice post - it's a point that the left forgets!

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