Monday, March 31, 2008

SSG "Matt" Maupin - MIA No Longer

SSG Keith Matthew "Matt" Maupin
Remains Identified
MIA No Longer
Farewell, and Walk with God, Matt

Maupin was a 20-year-old private first class when he was captured on April 9, 2004, west of Baghdad. A month later, he was promoted to the rank of specialist, and later to sergeant.
Nearly four years after his capture, his remains have been identified.

Carolyn and Keith Maupin

The official release has not yet been made, but Matt's parents have released the news.
Many of us held out hope that Matt would be found alive, yet we knew the chances were slim.
Today, let us hold the family and friends of Matt in our thoughts and prayers.

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Article on the ID:

Matt's Web Page -
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Sarge Charlie said...

who can make peace with bastards like these.

Buck said...

RIP, Sgt. Maupin.

Anonymous said...

i still don't know why we have to be the better people. i think we should just go in and kill all those bastards.
war is messy. innocents do die. just like our people on sep 11th.
our government needs to let us loose.
you can't win a war with your hands tied behind your back.

Shadow Lynx said...

Thank you for trying to make the world safer!