Thursday, April 09, 2009

American Held Hostage by Pirates

An American, Captain Richard Phillips, is being held hostage by Somalian pirates after they tried to take his ship the Maersk Alabama (sister ship shown above).

It is believed that Capt. Phillips offered himself as a hostage to ensure the release of his crew. He is being held in one of the Alabama's lifeboats with the pirates.

Capt. Phillips lives in Underhill, Vermont. He is a graduate of the Massachusetts Maritime Academy. Phillips had flown to the United Arab Emirates about two weeks ago to take command of the 508-foot-long container ship, loaded with USAID humanitarian aid supplies and other cargo destined for Kenya.

The USS Bainbridge is now on sight. The Alabama and her crew are secure. The life boat seems to be dead in the water. We are waiting for updates to the story, thinking about his family and friends and keeping him in our prayers.

From the State Department, Hillary Clinton showed leadership by bursting into giggles about the life boat being out of gas. From the White House, Obama has nothing to say - it's just not on the agenda today.

With this type of leadership, Capt Phillips needs divine intervention - please hold him in your prayers today.

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