Thursday, April 09, 2009

Bainbridge ~ History and Piracy

The USS Bainbridge is at the scene of the piracy of the Maersk Alabama and the holding of her captain, Capt Richard Phillips, by Muslim Pirates of Africa.

The USS Bainbridge is named for Commodore William Bainbridge (1774-1833). Bainbridge distinguished himself in both Barbary Wars - wars against the Muslim Pirates of Africa and in the War of 1812 as the captain of the USS Constitution.

The story of William Bainbridge is that of great adventure and many of the great moments in US Naval history.

Is it a moment of irony or destiny that brings the name Bainbridge into the modern chapter of piracy upon US ships? If nothing else, I hope his successes are repeated here.


Anonymous said...

Sadly the "pirates" will most likely be given whatever they want and allowed to move to the US near a community near you. Our "Chickenshit In Charge" will never use force on his mooslim brothers. He would rather give BJs to Saudi Kings.
Mike W

Buck said...

Would that modern-day rules of engagement were like those in place during the Barbary Wars. Sinking a few pirate mother ships would be a GREAT Good Thing. Saving the survivors should be optional... were it me I'd leave them to drown.

Claire said...

Great post! What a legacy that ship has in name, and I am with you... I pray that victory is close. I saw a clip with the Captain's father in it today while I was at the gym. I can't even begin to imagine what that family if going through. God be with them.

Sarge Charlie said...

we are way overdue, it is time to blow the bastards out of the water.

brityank said...

Unfortunately, with Carter II in our White House we now have American hostages; rampant spending; rising inflation; jobs loss, ad nauseum. Go Israeli on them - no quarter! Thanks for the history lesson; shame that our elected Poobah's are scared of their own shadows.

Laura Evangeline said...

Oh, I didn't know this. I like fun facts.

Mike's America said...

Brityank is right. CarterII is in the White House. Let's hope it won't be 444 days before our brave Captain is returned.

Weakness invites this kind of lawless aggression caused by what Obama's people call makers of manmade disasters.

If they can't even call pirates terrorists it's no wonder they can't decide to take some action to stop this kind of thing.