Thursday, June 04, 2009

D-Day ~ 65 years later

Omaha Beach - June 4, 2009
Photo US Army Europe

The Twitters from the D-Day sites have begun:

bbc_hampshire #dday65 My best moment today is when a Belgian re-enacter asked for a New Forest veteran's 'autograph' & thanked him for his freedom

bbc_hampshire #dday65 Many people camping at Utah beach for D Day 65. First beach under allied control and fewest casualties at 197

dgjpao #dday65 From where I stand, I have an incredible view of the cliffs the American Rangers had to climb on D-Day. WoW!

enchantedtravel France Will Never Forget D-Day . Awesome Video- may make you cry. #dday65

USArmyEurope "It was just like opening the gates of hell" says D-Day Vet in Associated Press #dday65

Many people will be writing about the significance of D-Day, of the history of D-Day, of the celebrations of D-Day... sharing links you can check throughout the weekend.

Official D-Day site

Army D-Day site

Photos for the US Army European Command

Website for the US Army European Command

Twitter for the US Army European Command

Twitter for the US European Command

Twitter for a PAO at the D-Day events

Twitter feed for D-Day events

You don't have to belong to twitter to follow the feeds and read the first hand reports. The D-Day twitter feed will be sure to link you to historical reports and information about the reenactments and the remembrance ceremonies.


Necromancer said...

Thank you for all the links. Fantastic.

Go to Warriors Legacy and then Michael Trani

Buck said...

Let us pray Obama does well in his speech tomorrow and does nothing to embarrass us... as a nation... on this most significant day.

Flag Gazer said...

Your words to God's ear, Buck - I actually erased the snide comment I had written at the end of the post.

Mike's America said...

I just put my second post up. The "Boys of Pointe du Hoc" speech by Reagan is great. That was my first post.

But even better is the second Reagan speech.

Sarge Charlie said...

I am coming back later when I have more time and check out all the links. On this D-Day, give thanks for the soldiers who gave all for us, I know you will....

Cop the Truth said...

Thanks for the great D Day posts! We can never forget those great troops!