Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Think Air Force

A U.S Air Force A-10 Thunderbolt II conducts a combat mission over Afghanistan June 14. The aircraft is based out of Bagram Air Base.
(U.S. Air Force photo by Staff Sgt. Jason Robertson)

I have a personal affinity for the Air Force as my favorite uncle was in the Air Corps in WWII - a bombadier who was shot down, became a POW and almost died on Hitler's Death March at the end of the war. My father was also in the Air Corps. While I value each branch of our military, and get great humor out of the rivalry, I also understand that each of them serve proudly and honorably.

I also have a great love of this airplane - the A-10 Thunderbolt II - lovingly known as the Warhog or Hog. It is built for close air support and has been used heavily in Iraq and Afghanistan. And, this is a great picture!

Recently, I read a smarmy article on a blog I used to read, debasing the Air Force and calling them "pretend warriors." As you, my faithful readers, can guess, I am still outraged.

I would like to remember and honor all of those who have served in the Air Force and the Air Corps in war and in peace time. They have flown uncountable missions. They have been the eyes and ears at outposts in some of the most hostile terrain in the world. They have been on the ready to protect us. They have been around the world defending us and keeping us safe. And, they have died in battle and in training. I will ever be grateful.

I would also like to remind people that the Air Force has paid a price in the Great War on Terror. 37 members of the Air Force and 8 members of the Air Force Reserve have been killed in Afghanistan. 48 members of the Air Force, 3 members of the Air Force Reserve, and 2 Air Force Employees have been killed in Iraq. They, too, have sacrificed all and have earned the respect of everyone in this nation.

For my friends who are in or have served (Buck and MD)
or are related to members of the Air Force, this one's for you!!!

Thank you, all!


Buck said...

What a GREAT post! :D

Thanks for this, Cynthia... and you know I'm of the same mind as you (even though SN2 is Squidly).

A nit... the A-10 is the Warthog, ya know. :D

Flag Gazer said...

Buck, I love the Squidlys and the Grunts and those Marines, too!!!

Yep, ThuderboltII, Warhog, Hog - whatever you call it, it is one awesome machine!