Wednesday, September 09, 2009

Major Dwayne Williams ~ Family Remembers

When terrorists flew a plane into the Pentagon on September Eleventh, 2001, the life of a family was permanently rearranged. This family, forever changed by their tragedy, reached into their grief and found the strength, through their deep and abiding faith in God, to give us all a way to share in the wonderful life that Dwayne Williams lived.

Dwayne's mother, Pearl Williams, wrote this beautiful book, A Hero Called Fish. Written for young people, she shares his childhood and his adult life with us. It is illustrated with pictures from his childhood, college years, army years to the memorial services held for him. It is a wonderful book to help explain September Eleventh to young people, but thoroughly enjoyable for adults as well. It is a tribute only a mother could make. Why Fish? Dwayne learned to swim when he was four and loved to swim. It became his nickname.

Roy L Williams, Dwayne's brother, wrote an amazing testament to Dwayne's life, loss and to faith and God in 911, God Help Us. The subtitle is "How Losing a Brother in the September 11 Terrorist Attack Transformed a Reporter Into a Witness for God." This is a powerful book about Dwayne's life and about his family after his death. I was able to share in the power of faith and God in the grieving process of this family. I was humbled by the depth of their faith, the closeness of their family, and the resolve they had to honor Dwayne. When I got this book, I was so caught up in it, I sat up all night reading it.

Kim Williams, another of Dwayne's brothers, released a CD of original music, including the title song My Brother. It is a beautiful tribute to the closeness they shared. I listen to this CD often. It is so full of love, that it always makes me smile.


Each, in their own way, celebrates the joy that Dwayne brought into their lives and shares the wonderful man he was with each of us. I thank them for letting me share their love, their joy, their sorrow, their faith in God.

The Epitaph in A Hero Called Fish:

Weep not for our fallen hero for he did not die in vain. Rejoice in his memory and live life as he did with courage, humility, love and peace.

Not only a Persian Gulf War Veteran who received a host of military honors including the Bronze Star, Purple Heart and Legion of Merit, but Dwayne was a loving son, a faithful husband and a devoted father. His devotion to God, family and country stands as a testament of his life's achievements.

We shall not mourn his passing but shall stand in the light that he created.

Dwayne served the Lord faithfully for many years. Fish is now a soldier in the army of the Lord.

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