Thursday, April 21, 2011

Chris Hondros ~ A Remarkable Life

Chris Hondros
March 14, 1970 - April 20, 2011

Killed in Libya

I knew of Chris Hondros not by name, but by his images.  As I went through his work on his site today, I saw so many photos that I remember.  His vision had meaning.  There are photos from Kosovo, Nigeria, Cuba, Afghanistan, Iraq --- photos that were beamed into my life on television and in hard copy in newspapers and magazines.  And, of course, there are the photos of Liberia and the child warriors fighting there.  And, there are the very special pictures from the Marine 4th LAR in Afghanistan.

With the news of Chris' death, I revisited the photographs and the history.  I read stories about him that I never knew.  The photo of the exuberant Liberian at war that became so famous led to the story of Chris' return to Liberia, finding the soldier and helping him to get an education.  You can see the picture and read the story in Chris' own words.... Me and Joseph Duo.

A year ago when the Marine 4th LAR was in Afghanistan he sent these remarkable images back.
I knew family members who caught a moment of the lives of their loved ones in his pictures.

This was a man with an eye that gave us images that told more about the event than words ever could.

I encourage you to visit his web page.  How little we would know of the world if it were not for men like Chris Hondros.  Thank you for all you gave to the world, Chris.  You touched lives of people like me that you never knew.

And, finally, a story of Chris coming home - take tissue to read this one.


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Thank you. Will be sharing this one.

RIP Chris. Thank you for your life work.

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Wow. Awesome and sad.