Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Photojournalist Chris Hondros Wounded in Libya

The brilliant photojournalist, Chris Hondros, has been reported critically injured in Misrata, Libya.
Earlier reports listed him as killed.  The fog of war leaves much speculation.

A year ago, he was photographing the Marines 4th LAR in Afghanistan.

He has covered Libya, Egypt, Iraq, Liberia, The West Bank, Kashmir, Cuba, Afghanistan, Pakistan, Sierra Leone, Nigeria, Angola, Macedonia/Albania, Kosovo.....

Chris has provided a vision of the worst conflicts in modern history.  My prayers are with him and his family and his friends at this time.

As was reported and then retracted, Chris was killed today in Misrata, Libya.
Getty Images has confirmed his death.
May you walk with God, Chris.  And, my personal gratitude for your time with the 4th LAR - I will never forget the day you posted the picture of my friend's son. 

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