Saturday, December 01, 2007

Faces of Freedom - The Krissoff Family

First Lieutenant Nathan M. Krissoff, 25, 3rd Recon Bn RCT-5 I MEF, died December 9, 2006 in the Anbar Province during combat operations. He was the units counterintelligence officer. 1LT Krissoff was a remarkable man and deeply touched the lives of those around him. He is shown above with an Iraqi he saved from insurgents who had kidnapped him.

"Nathan, like so many who have gone before us, can be considered a modern-day knight," said Lt. Col. William Seely (shown above at memorial service), the battalion commander. "Why? Because he believed and shared our beliefs in service to others. His service and sacrifice shows us great courage and steadfast dedication to rid Iraq, and more importantly the world, of oppression, tyranny, and extremism. He believed those things."

"I think the thing that is most telling about his character is the fact that this is a young man with a whole lot of options available to him, and he wasn't looking to learn a trade or a skill," Marine Corps Captain Dubrule said after the memorial. "He wanted to serve and give back to his country. That should be pointed out whenever you talk about Nathan Krissoff -- that he was there for the right reasons."

Nathan's brother, Austin, is also an officer in the Marine Corps. These two college graduate brothers wanted to work on the front lines of the war on terror.

But, this post is not really about Nathan Krissoff. It is about his family. Like so many Gold Star families, they live their lives in quiet tribute to their fallen. I am always impressed at the strength and conviction of the Gold Star Families I know.

Months after Nathan's death, his father, Bill Krissoff, decided to honor his son by closing his orthopedic practice and join the Navy as a combat surgeon. He and his wife are selling the family home and moving to San Diego. There was only one problem. The 61 year old needed an age waiver and it was stuck in red tape.

Invited to a meeting with President Bush for Gold Star Families, Dr. Krissoff had the opportunity to respond to the President's question, "Is there anything I can do to help?" He asked the President for an age waiver to join the Navy. Three days later, he received his waiver.
Dr. Krissoff was commissioned as a lieutenant commander on November 18 and will attend officer development school in January. He will be attached to the 4th Medical Battalion and hopes to join a combat surgical team and hopes to serve in Iraq.

The Krissoff family are remarkable Americans. God Bless them all. And, thank you for all you have given to our country.

Update: I found this picture of the Krissoff Family and a new interview with Dr. Krissoff.

The Krissoff family, left to right, son Austin Krissoff, mother Christine Krissoff, son Nathan Krissoff, and father Dr. Bill Krissoff. Austin is also a Marine officer.


The Griper said...

take a gander at my site. the pic of the trooper in mourning of a buddy. and i posted mine before seeing your post.

Flag Gazer said...

The 4th ID Memorial is beautiful - it is in fort Hood now...

De'on Miller said...

Fantastic family. I will link to this. Thanks so much for sharing. You always have such fantastic memorials on your blog!

Flag Gazer said...

Thank you, De'on

De'on Miller said...

God bless the beautiful family.

The thinness and sunglasses seem to be a part of "our look" and I thank them for this look. It means as much to me as the son who brings it. It is truly those left behind (this definitely includes the troops and their comrades) that bear the brunt of war and if families like this can hold their heads high and just offer to give more, then we will continue to live in a nation that is strong and free!!! GOD BLESS AMERICA!!!!!