Tuesday, December 25, 2007

Our Troops Celebrate Christmas~~~

Some of our favorite Christmas pictures from our troops.
Our troops are in our thoughts and prayers
on Christmas, and always.


Donald Douglas said...

Have a Merry Christmas!

Leta said...

Thank you for sharing these - even the "re runs". I love the way our deployed personnel always make the best of their situation.

Taco and his sleigh. LOL!

Most of all thank you for all of the great posts you share here. They are always so meaningful.

Merry Christmas to you and yours and God Bless and keep our brave warriors.

Sarge Charlie said...

I love your photos, I hope santa was good to you and all of our soldiers.

The WordSmith from Nantucket said...

Great photos! Have a Merry Christmas! And thanks for all that you do in supporting our military!

City Troll said...

Merry Christmas

Great pix

Buck Pennington said...

I didn't get out much yesterday (virtually speaking), so I'm late to the party.

Great pics, FG...but that UAV/sleigh thingie is NEVER gonna work... not enough reindeer. ;-)

Hope your Christmas was peaceful and joyous!

MaryAnn said...

Hope you had a wonderful Christmas, FG. I wish you a healthy and blessed New Year.

Thank you for all you do for our guys. Hugs & much love.