Friday, April 11, 2008

Letters from Home for the USS Russell

It’s time for a new Letters from Home project. This time I will be collecting letters for the Navy. I’ll be sending them off to the USS Russell — DDG-59. So, just like last time, please send generalized supportive emails to me, and I will make sure that they get to the men and women aboard the Russell. When you send your email, please be sure and put “Letters from Home” in the subject line. We’re aiming for about 250 emails, so I’m hoping to have them collected and packed up by the end of the month. As with last time, anything you all can do to help spread the word would be greatly appreciated.

By the way, they have their own blog there on the Russell. There’s some great writing going on there! Their crew gives you a good close look at life aboard a modern destroyer at war.

This news comes from Jim at the great blog Thinking Right.
Surely we can each write a supportive email to these sailors and send them some great love from home!


Buck said...

I'll post the link you sent later today, Cynthia, as I have an affinity of sorts for Destroyermen. How could I not? ;-)

Cop the Truth said...

I know it's the Navy, but I'll help out anyway!! ;)

Flag Gazer said...

Buck and Mike - thanks so much!

Mike's America said...

I enjoyed the Russell's blog and learning more about the ship and it's crew.

Interesting that they also participated in that shootdown of the damaged satellite in February.

Snooper said...

saved the link and we will burst this data.

Drive Time said...

What a great project! I'll send an email, plus I'll blast this out to my lists.

God Bless our troops!

Flag Gazer said...

Snooper - Bless you!

Drive - Many, many thanks!