Thursday, April 03, 2008

Music of CPL David Thibodeaux

Cpl David Thibodeaux

answers the Dixie Chicks

A fellow Marine and I wrote, and I recorded a song titled "Not Ready To End The Fight." This song was inspired by the fact that I, like many Americans, don’t particularly appreciate the underlying message behind the Dixie Chicks’ song "Not Ready To Make Nice." While I did like the underlying music from the song, the lyrics’ just didn’t sit well with me, many of my colleagues and other Americans. After being urged on by friends, family, and colleagues I decided to record "Not Ready To End The Fight" to make a point, criticize, comment and answer the Dixie Chicks song and all the other Hollywood stars that constantly overestimate my interest in their personal politics and their level of competence in foreign policy and about how our Country should be run and how they imply they know what is better for this Country than our elected officials. (Read the rest at his My Space Page)

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Z said...

What a good site, and what an honor you give these fallen warriors of our great country. Thank you. I sure wish there were far fewer names, but....

All our fallen deserve the honor of having us gaze upon their faces and realize what they've lost...for us.

Thanks. I saw you at AmericanInterest and am glad I followed you here! Z

Flag Gazer said...

Z - thank you for the visit and the comment. Yes, we should know who we have to thank for our many blessings.