Sunday, April 27, 2008

Pat Dollard on Blog Talk Radio

Pat Dollard has been making trips to Iraq
and filming the reality of War on Terror for some time.
His view of the War on Terror is raw and real.

His documentary,
Young Americans,
is still in the post production phase,
but you can see many great clips at his site.

Now, you can hear Pat on Blog Talk Radio on
Pat Dollard's Jihadikiller Hour
on Sundays.
Live listeners can call in and talk to Pat.
If you can't listen live, you can listen to the archives anytime.

Warning - Language is for Mature Audiences

A note on Blog Talk Radio -
It is free. You can register if you want to set reminders and make comments,
but you do not have to register to listen.


Snooper said...

WOW! I will be sure to begin checking into this one! Thanks a ZILLION!!

Flag Gazer said...

Snooper - Dave had told me about it - I just forgot it was tonight myself and had to catch the archives. But, how great to hear directly from Pat and some of his troops!

Snooper said...

Got it saved and keyed up for email alerts

Buck said...

My thanks, too, Cynthia!

Kimberly said...

Flag Gazer-
Just so you know, WE appreciate what your SUPPORT. I am almsot rouched to read your blog posts. You are a true patriot.

Flying Devil Dawgs Wife

Kimberly said...

Flag gazer-

Didn't want to come off like and uneducated idiot.I definitely could use a spell check when I am this exhausted. I was very tired when posting the last time. Not too mention I had two 4 years old jumping all over me. HA! Thanks again.


Flag Gazer said...

Kimberly -
Your whole family are heroes to me!
Don't hesitate to ask if I can ever do anything to help! My email is on my profile.

Hugs to you and the beauties!

Flag Gazer said...

Kimberly -
You did not come off that way to me at all!


American said...

Thanks for this, "Young American" should be very interesting when complete.
btw: serving cake at AI, have saved you a piece...