Monday, July 07, 2008

George Washington's Ferry Farm

Artist rendidtion of Ferry Farm - George Washington's boyhood home

Aerial Photo of the Foundation of Ferry Farm

George Washington's boyhood home has been located. Announced on July 2, 2008, it was confirmed that archologists have uncovered the foundation of the home, the four cellars and the defensive trenches added by the Civil War soldiers. Unearthed are relics from native Americans, the Washington family, the Civil War and beyond.

Ferry Farm is located across the Rappahannock from Fredricksberg. Called the Washington Farm in George's Day, it became known at Ferry Farm for the ferry that linked it to the city.

George lived here from age 6 to 19. It is the site for the stories of his youth, such as the Cherry Tree and the skipped dollar across the Rappahannock River.

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