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The Lee Brothers ~ Founders and Patriots

Stratford Hall

Richard Henry Lee

Richard Henry Lee was known for fiery, rebelllious nature, his skills as an orator and for his ideas - many the foundation of our country's history. He served in the Virginia House of Burgesses, and in 1758 proposed a resolution restricting the importation of slaves - a duty so greivous that it would have the effect of ending the disgraceful practice. He led the opposistion to the Stamp Act in Virginia and formed the Committee of Correspondence to unite the colonies in their opposition to Britian. In 1774 he was elected to the first Continental Congress and served throughout the war. In June 1776, his resolution led to the Declaration of Independence, of which he was a signer. He was opposed to the Constitution because of his strong stance on states rights, and the 10th Amendment was written at his insistance. He became the first state Senator from Virginia in the new government that he was instumental in forming.

Francis Lightfoot Lee

As fiery as his brother was, Francis was quiet and shy and perferred not to be in the public. But, the times propelled him into service. He was a close associate of Patrick Henry and Thomas Jefferson. As brilliant at public discourse as his brother was, he was brilliant at the backroom strategy meetings, often calming the firestorms that erupted. He served the House of Burgesses and in the Continental Congress and was a signer of the Declaration of Independence. Many of the founders refered to Francis as the calm, thoughtful one that held them together.

Stratford Hall

Stratford Hall is located in Westmoreland County, 42 miles southest of Fredricksberg, Virginia. It was built by Thomas Lee, the father of Richard Henry and Francis Lightfoot. The other four brothers and the sister were also involved in the Revolution and the formation of the United States of America. The most famous descendant is Robert E Lee, who was also born at Stratford Hall. More information can be found at

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