Friday, January 15, 2010

Haiti - Port-au-Prince - Earthquake

HAITI - A tiny, impoverished country of about 10 million,
dependent upon foreign aid and charity groups,
was hit on January 12 with an earthquake of 7.0+ on the Richter Scale
has devastated the nation, collapsing the infrastructure of the capitol of Port-au-Prince.
Gone ----
the Presidential Palace
the Parliament Building
the National Cathedral
the US Embassy
the UN Mission
the Prison (inmates are free)
the many missionary compounds
the few hospitals
and the police have seemed to disappear

The National Cathedral towered above the city

The collapse of the cathedral, shown here in a US Southern Command drone photo
The Archbishop was killed in the collapse, which also claimed the churches outbuildings.

The Presidential Palace collapsed upon itself.

The US Military is arriving in force. I will be posting the pictures and stories.
Please check back.

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Buck said...

Lotsa others have said this and I'll repeat it, coz it can't be said enough: Our military is at its finest when disaster strikes, no matter where it strikes.