Sunday, January 03, 2010

Let's Help Brian!!

Meet Brian Schiele!

Earlier this year, I “retired” from the National Guard, after serving for 21 years. During the last eight of those years I was full time, which meant I wore the same thing every day, the uniform of the United States Army. During the last four of those eight years I was mobilized as part of a mission that helped wounded Soldiers, which I can only describe as, the most humbling job I have ever had. After I left the military I struggled with find a good job, but I have finally found it, working at a Veteran’s hospital, helping veterans. My biggest struggle is figuring out what to wear each morning, I have small wardrobe of appropriate work clothes, but I could use more. More importantly I could the consultation so that I could regain the confidence I had while wearing the uniform of the United States Army, as I do my part to take care of veterans. Thanks for reading this. Brian

We can all vote for Brian to help him out in his new job.
He served our country for 21 years - now he is helping the wounded.

Facebook users vote here:

You can vote once every 24 hours through January 15.

Please, help Brian!

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Wild Phil said...

Howdy My Good Friend, Please put some votes in for me for this fine Soldier, Facebook will not let me back on. Remember that it was me and Twana that got kicked off of Facebook at that time, they accepted Twana back in, but you know me, I won't bend down nor kiss any arse to bow down to scrape to the leftists that run the place.