Friday, May 05, 2006

The Fifth of May

Fortunately, we do not live in a part of the country that is annoyed by Cinco de Mayo celebrations, though our restaurants - like they do everywhere - like to use the "holiday" for monetary gain. This year, I have noticed far fewer ads for the event - it wasn't on the LA news and the MSN home page doesn't mention it at all - do you think that, just maybe, sensitivities are high after the disgusting display on
May 1 ??????? I've always enjoyed asking people what Cinco de Mayo was - after the blank stares, usually you get a blubbered Mexican independence day - WRONG! Cinco de Mayo was the Battle of Puebla on May 5, 1862, in which the Mexican forces defeated the French army. Beware - here come the rest of the facts - on May 8, the French forces overran Puebla and made their way to Mexico city. What was the fuss about? It seems that Mexico decided not to repay the French (British and Spanish, as well) for loans that Mexico had gotten from them, and the French weren't about to be shorted. So, it was not a day of independence, not a day of dancing and mariachi music. It is now just an excuse to celebrate.

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