Tuesday, May 02, 2006

Revisiting May Day 2006 or Wake Up, America!

I left the news channels on all day to watch the "festivities" play out across the country. All I felt was emptiness and sadness for my country. When K came home from work - at a college, mind you - he said that no one seemed to know that anything was going on. WAKE UP, AMERICA! Take the selfishness and your self-absorbed reality out of your ears and your eyes. If any of the values of our country mean anything to you, you better start defending it now. There are two easy steps you can take right now - write your congressman and senators and let them know you don't want millions of unassimilated people to become citizens of this country AND don't hire them. This includes those "under the table" nannies, housekeepers, yard workers, etc. The largest employer of the illegals is the average American paying them cash under the table.

The time seems to be right for ILLEGAL residents to take over this country. They function like sheep, answering the call of the Spanish radio and television stations - they are told what to do and they do it. Can you imagine getting 200,000 assimilated Americans to show up for anything, let alone hours of standing in the streets while speeches are delivered that can't be heard beyond the first few feet of people? It just wouldn't happen. They are coming at us with a far leftist agenda, no sense of democracy, no sense of the republic they want to control. They don't evaluate their own actions, they just do what they are told. If we don't stand up now, it will be too late. Because our politicians have lost the interest in doing what is right for the country. I think the only bipartisan thing they do is to screw all of us in the quest for their personal power.

In my lifetime, I have seen so many rights and freedoms taken away from us. It goes back to Madeline Murray O'Hare. She was the woman who managed to get our Supreme Court to remove prayer from the schools in the 1950's. Now, we've lost the Pledge of Allegiance in most places, the right to call Christmas - Christmas, the Ten Commandments, the mention of God in public. You can show porn and speak with a trashy mouth, but don't say God! Now we are losing the right to expect people to enter the country with our permission or be thrown out. As we loose these things, we loose the fabric of our nation. You can't pick and choose what you want the law to be - unless you want anarchy. I fear we are headed there.

Uncle Sam and Lady Liberty - I fear for your endurance in these times.

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