Friday, May 05, 2006

Phone Call from Camp

L called tonight - she's at Leadership Training Camp in South Carolina for the completion of her SGT rank. She graduates on Saturday!! Hooah!!

A year ago, we sent some books to L while she was in Iraq - she had placed a request on the Books for Soldiers site. We immediately became connected. We've written long letters, we talk on the phone - the first time she called from Iraq!!! - and, in July, we will finally meet face to face! I'm excited! She so reminds me of myself at her age. We have so much in common and I value her perspective on the world! She has become a friend, and family!

It was great to talk to her tonight - tried to talk while I was cooking dinner - burned the first batch of pilaf!! Oh, well!! It is good that K has a great sense of humor! - which includes laughing at me when I deserve it - what a great guy! He started the seasonal "moving pipe" tonight - so dinner will be later through September. It's great to have the water on - love the sound of the irrigation sprinklers ticking in the night!

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Patti said...

My son is at Boot Camp in SC,
how can I email you,

Isn't it something being Mom's of heroes,