Thursday, July 13, 2006

It's a Beautiful Day! But, Evil Lurks

Mr. Boots


I always love the mornings in the summer. As I walk outside to let the cats out, we all are in our early waking, stretching and yawning mode. We sit on the deck and the cats come for petting and love, then set off on their day of hunting and sleeping. I sit and look at the beauty around me...see the flag flying free, notice the flowers in bloom, remind myself to feed the birds before I go in, enjoy watching the goats in the pasture. This morning it is crisp and clear. The dew is glistening on the plants that are still in the shade, but the promise of a warm day is in the air. The hay is cut and you can smell it drying. This is the most peaceful moment of the day - before I turn on the news to hear the latest atrocity in the world, the latest venom from the politicians, the general stupidity of the world - the ugliness is for later in the day. But, first, I restore my soul with this momentary peacefulness.

Unfortunately, these peaceful moments are no longer as peaceful as they used to be. There is an anxiety about the moment and the rest of the day. Two weeks ago, the moment was shattered as a neighbor shot Wagon while he was lying in the sun in our driveway. That horrible moment when a yowling cat spurting blood from his chest came towards me is still vividly imprinted on my mind. The vet was able to save Wagon - at no small cost. In April, Miss Mona was murdered. Whenever I take the cats out now, there is a fear that this evil man will start shooting again. I know I cannot follow the cats around all day, and keeping them in all day is hard on all of us and reeks of unhappiness and misery...having gone through ten days of keeping Wagon in while his wounds healed, I can testify to how unhappy we all were.

I don't know why this man has turned into this evil murdering fool. When he killed Miss Mona, she was on his property - ten acres of weeds and derelict vehicles and junk - hunting vermin. When he shot Wagon, the cat was on our property. This is the same neighbor who used to let his dogs run wild, including chasing our livestock. We never killed or harmed the dogs, though we had the legal right to. He's never said anything about the cats. It just started and it is evil.

You may be thinking, "you should call the police." Well, we did. And, yes, it is illegal. And, yes, we can file a report. So, we filed the report and nothing has been done or ever will be. They have never picked up the vet report, the witness (yes, witness) report. They won't follow through. Guess my ongoing support for our Sheriff's department has completely eroded. To know that someone can fire onto our property without worrying about consequences is frightening.

I've discovered that for law abiding people, our favorite placebo is "I'll call the police." I now have a different view of that action. I now have a new understanding of people who take matters into their own hands when the police wouldn't do anything. You know, I would have rather the officer said, "Sorry, ma'am, we can't do bothered..bye-bye." I always prefer honesty to deceit. Right now, I don't have a good feeling about our law enforcement.

So, "the boys" and I have our morning ritual. But, there is a haunting thought, wondering if I will ever see them again, that happens throughout the day. It is so evil to intentionally kill something that someone loves.

So, we pray that God will shed his light on us. We pray for this evil man.

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