Thursday, July 06, 2006

Protest - ???

One of the potentially sad things that was set to happen at PFC Thomas Tucker's memorial service was protest. I will never see how protesting a funeral is relevant. But, the Westboro Church and Fred Phelps were set to protest - then didn't show up.

For several days, it was the battle of the protesters. When Westboro's intentions became clear, it was countered with the Gay and Lesbian group planning to counter protest. In stepped the Patriot Guard Riders, who would ride to the Memorial Service and then on the cemetery. As all of these groups made their intentions known, plans began to change.

The Patriot Guard Riders, the Oregon Veteran's Riders and other motorcycle groups planned to coordinate their arrival and departure. They were invited by the family and were working in concert with the police department. If you don't know about this group, go here. They attended the service with flags flying high. They escorted the caravan with large flags flying to the cemetery. They made me proud!

The gay and lesbian group realized that although Westboro deserves to be challenged at all times, the service was NOT the place to do.

And, Westboro - well, they didn't show up. Their statement was that they wouldn't be allowed to protest where enough people could see or hear them. I'm expecting a lawsuit. But, I think they were intimidated away by the number of people that would be there. I won't give you a link. You can google them if you really want to be disgusted.

I will never understand how beliefs about gays has anything to do with fallen soldiers. This is twisted logic at the extreme. These people are heinous for attacking grieving families for any reason. What they do is EVIL.

I am thankful that the only ones who showed up were the Patriot Guard Riders and other motorcycle groups. It was an incredible display of the USA at its finest.

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