Thursday, July 27, 2006

Neil Cavuto Presents Wayne Newton!

OK - you are probably scratching your head and wondering what I am thinking ... well, bear with me a moment. I want you to meet two remarkable men who quite openly and proudly show their support for the troops!

I watch Neil Cavuto on Fox News almost every day (1pm PST - 4pm EST) - but, not because of the financial news. I admit that I "just don't get it" and feel that everyone else does! I watch Neil because he has the most amazing guests on his show and because of his brilliant daily commentary, which is centered around the good and the greatness of this country. (If you can't watch, it is worth the daily read.) He has military men and women on regularly. He gives a public platform to their stories and to their good works. He puts on support groups and gives out the information on how to become involved. Neil is a good guy!

Yesterday, when I had Neil in the background, I heard him announce Wayne Newton would be on next. So, I settled in to watch. You see, Wayne Newton is a personal hero of mine. His music is OK, and I understand that seeing him perform will make you feel like you got more than your money's worth. But, those are not reasons for him to be a hero. He's my hero because of who he is as a person, for the great and admirable things he does with his celebrity. When Bob Hope was nearing the end of his life, he asked Wayne Newton to become the Chairman of the Celebrity Circle of the USO, the job Bob Hope had for so many years. Wayne was well qualified to do this because of his lifelong relationship with the USO.

From the USO site: Mr. Newton's relationship with the USO is as long as his career. Over the years, he has entertained in every military conflict since and including the Vietnam War. He performed for nearly 25,000 service members aboard ships off Beirut in 1983, soon after the bombing of the U.S. Marine Barracks. He was the first USO performer to go to Afghanistan. Mr. Newton led a tour to Bosnia and Kosovo, and participated in the USO's first tour to Iraq. Since October 2001, he also has served as Chairman of the USO Celebrity Circle, with unparalleled dedication, assisting in the recruitment of other celebrities to entertain troops and helping to increase awareness of the USO. Whether he is celebrating July 4th with troops in Korea, comforting a wounded soldier in Iraq, signing autographs on his annual holiday tours or calling a soldier's wife to let her know her husband is fine, he has ensured that service members know they are not forgotten.

It was an amazing interview of an amazing man. When he speaks about our military, it will make you teary-eyed. You can tell that they are his heroes, too. He will always refer to them as the finest of our country, of their generation. He also speaks about our obligation to them - REGARDLESS of our political feelings about the Commander-in-Chief or their mission, for without our military we would not be America. Of course, I was pleased when he stated that he believed in President George W. Bush and felt that history would see him for the great man that he is. Wayne Newton first performed for President Truman. He has met and performed for all of our Presidents since President Nixon - save one. Can you guess who? You won't be surprised if you think about it.

Neil tried to get him to talk about the things that he does for the military. But, he kept it all in the public realm and the USO work. It was obvious that Neil knew of the many, many quiet and private things he has done over the years. I know of several, but allow me to share one, and it is something amazing!! Recently, a milblogger, CPT Ziegenfuss, who was severely wounded in Iraq, went to Las Vegas with some friends. When he got to the Bellagio, they made quite a fuss over him that he couldn't understand. It seems that Wayne Newton had changed the arrangements! Read this amazing story!!! Warning, tissue required!!!! Is Wayne Newton on your hero list yet?!! This is the kind of story that we hope to hear and never do from celebrities. But, for Wayne Newton, this is his way of life. That is why Wayne Newton is my hero!

Oh - the President that did not invite Wayne Newton to perform at the White House - did you guess right? - Pres. Jimmy Carter. When Neil asked Wayne why that was, Wayne actually sneered, but did not say anything disrespectful.

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