Thursday, June 14, 2007

Flag Day ~ Flags Across America

Flag Day ~ June 14

Fort McHenry
The sight that inspired Francis Scott Key
to write the poem
The Star-Spangled Banner

Iwo Jima - Marine Memorial

The Flag at Arlington House
Arlington National Cemetery

The Flag at the National Archives

The 50 Flags of the States
Washinton Monument

Fredricksburg National Cemetery

The Flag at the Stonewall Jackson Shrine
The site where he died.

Flag at Petersen Gardens in Oregon
Mr. Petersen scoured the desert for rocks and glass and built some incredible stuctures from them. This flag has 48 stars.

World War II Memorial

Flag at Fort Meade Parade Grounds

Flag at Vietnam War Memorial
Pueblo, Colorado

Flag at the Painted Hills
John Day National Monument

Flag at Home
Summer and Winter

Photos from my personal collection and travels


Don said...

Happy Flag Day!

Mike's America said...

Yes, Happy Flag Day and thank you for the photopost reminding us of the flag's important place in such sacred grounds.

Gayle said...
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Gayle said...

Beautiful pictures of Old Glory. Thank you! I like them all, and that Peterson's Garden pic is awesome.

My flag is flying high, but the flagpole needs painting. Can't do it in the rain though. Still, the important part is the flag. :)

daniel said...

Have Ol' Glory flyin' high!
Nice posting of the flags.
The Stars and Stripes Forever!

The WordSmith from Nantucket said...

Out in Santa Monica, the freeway, by the freeway on-ramp, there is a huge, huge flag that rises out of some recycling center/garage. It's beautiful. And during Memorial Day and Veterans, for about a week in advance, the MIA flag is hung.

I've seen in the news where the flag gets stolen, from time to time. Sad. But how happy when the flag is raised again! A constant reminder on my drive to and from on the freeway!

Ron Simpson said...

Quite an impressive collection of flag pictures. Are they all pictures that you have taken?

Flag Gazer said...

Thanks for enjoying my pictures! Yes, they are all ones I have taken.

Ron Simpson said...

they are awesome. you have a real skill with the camera.