Tuesday, June 26, 2007

Home, Again!!

We had a great weekend - worked hard, but enjoyed ourselves at the same time. Everything was great until the long drive home, when we hit a torrential downpour. The Cascades need the water, but it was a wild drive through the passes with the rain! As good as it was to go, it is always great to be home!!!

MEGEN, Jr went with us and visited with the Angora goats! The real MEGEN will be here later this summer! Stay tuned!

My 'hit and run' commenters were busy while I was gone - which is why I turned on comment moderation. They always seem to know when I'm gone! Never fear, your poop has been deleted! Why waste your time? You know I will delete it.

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De'on Miller said...

Did you go judge? Sorry about the whack-jobs?