Wednesday, June 06, 2007

Operation Overlord ~ June 6, 1944 ~ D-Day

Operation Overlord
June 6, 1944

Operation Overlord - The Battle of Normany - D-Day

1,425,000 troops from the United States, Great Britian, Canada, Free France and Poland headed across the English Channel to the shores of Normandy to drive the Germans out of France. The Supreme Allied Commander of Operation Overlord was General Dwight D Eisenhower.

This was a bold and difficult plan, and one that Eisenhower was prepared to take responsibility for loosing. The Allies prevailed, though the days ahead were dark and difficult.

The toll of the invasion was high.
The Allied casualties were 57,200 dead and 173,000 wounded or missing.

We must never forget the great sacrifice made so that we could prevail and continue to enjoy life in the greatest country on earth.


Sarge Charlie said...

This is a good post for Peace Day, these brave young men paid the price for what little peace we have known.

The WordSmith from Nantucket said...

What a horrific cost to pay to fight evil in the world.

God bless them all for their service and sacrifice to civilization and freedom.

Ron Simpson said...

My grandfather was in the 82nd Airborne and was in D-day. He was one of the paratroopers that got dropped into Ste. Mère-Eglise. He managed to fight his way out and join up with some other lost paratroopers. He told me it took him days to find his unit.

Flag Gazer said...

They were amazing men in a frightening time.

Ron - the 82nd had a rough go on D-Day - so glad he found his unit! - so many did not.